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Published On: Mon, Aug 19th, 2013

Matchday Musings: Chelsea 2-0 Hull City

Read an in-depth analysis of the Premier League game between Chelsea and Hull CIty at Stamford Bridge on Sunday August 18, 2013.

New Additions and Old History

A match full of firsts for both sides as Chelsea start Kevin De Bruyne to make his debut and Jose Mourinho manages his first home Chelsea match since 2007. Hull City celebrate their first match of the Premier League since being promoted last season finishing second in the championship. A once historical matchup for Chelsea as they faced Hull City in their very first match of the clubs existence back in 1905. A score which the Blues hope to repeat as their kickoff of the 2013/14 season commences. A strong lineup from both sides but not showing off too many of each sides new signings.


McGregor, Hero and Villan 

Believe it or not, Frank Lampard has missed a penalty shot only five minutes in. Crowned England’s best shooter from the penalty spot, a powerful shot to the bottom left corner was deflected by Hull City keeper, McGregor. A silly attempt to posses the ball resulted in a punch to Fernando Torres’ face by McGregor. Wanting to prove his place in the squad, an early mistake like this only put his team in peril. Luckily he redeemed himself immediately by reading Lampard’s body language and deflecting his shot away. This is McGregor’s first year with Hull City at the age of 31 years old.


McGregor in form in front of goal.

Brazilian Oscar Finds the Net First

Seven minutes pass after a shocking missed penalty my English national player Frank Lampard, when Oscar finds himself at the end of the ball. A precise slur of technical passing between Torres, Hazard and Oscar to give the young Brazilian an open shot at goal. Calmly taking a fast ground ball to find the back of the net and put Chelsea ahead of Hull City 1-0. From only scoring four goals in the Premier League last year in his debut season, he is taking the game by the head and asserting himself farther up to score more goals.

oscar hull

Oscar celebrating his first goal of the season.

Lampard Scores a Free Kick 166

Coming off from a missed penalty kick, Frank Lampard is up once again to take a free kick from roughly thirty-five yards away. A very ambitious shot to take from that distance, but it does not worry Lampard in the least bit as he scores from distance putting Chelsea up 2-0. A fantastic drop of the ball sliding off of the fingers of McGregor as Lampard scores his 166th Premier League goal. The most goals scored by any active Premier League player and the most of any Chelsea player in club history. Though it is the end of the scoring from both sides, the pace of play all sides kept up till the end way magnificent.

frank free kick

Lampard scoring his first free kick of the season.

Hull City Future in the League

Starting the second half two goals down, Hull City would have a lot of ground to cover if they have any chance of coming back. A strong defensive four man line in front of Cech kept the Tigers out of their box preventing any chance of scoring from happening. A great three points given to Chelsea and a sad zero given to Hull was what came from the end of the match. Having played in the Championship league since 2008, a fast change to the Premier League starting against the giants of London is a near impossible feat for any team. Though this is only the first game of the season, Hull has a lot to look over and perfect if they want to have a good spell in the Premier League this season and possibly the next.

Chelsea v Hull City - Premier League


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